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World Star Betting USSD Guide

Bet via USSD with World Star Betting! Simply dial *130*102#

  • Bets placed on USSD will appear in your bet history on
  • Your online balance is the same as your USSD balance. Funds deposited on USSD *130*102# can be used on Funds deposited on can be used on USSD *130*102#.
  • Account registered via USSD *130*102# can be accessed via
  • Account registered via can be accessed via USSD *130*102#
  • USSD Betting is currently restricted to Match Betting on Football on selected matches. More sports and markets will be available on USSD *130*102# soon.

How to register on USSD
Simply dial *130*102#. If your mobile number isn’t registered with WSB, you’ll be prompted to create a PIN. Once you enter a 4 digit PIN, you will be registered.
If you already have a WSB account, you don’t need to register a new USSD account. Simply dial *130*102# from your registered mobile number. Any balance you have on your account will be available on USSD for you to bet with.


How to place a bet

  1. Select 1.Bet&Odds
  2. Choose one of the categories
    1.Starting Soon: Matches starting in the next 4 hours
    2.Today: Events starting today
    3.Tomorrow: Events starting on the next day
    4.Top Leagues: The most popular leagues to bet on
    5.Betslip: View your current betslip
  3. Select the match you want to bet on
  4. Select the option you want to bet on
    1.HOME for the home team (left) to win
    2.DRAW for the match to be a draw/tie
    3.AWAY for the away team (right) to win
  5. After making your selection, choose one of the following
    1.Add more selections to betslip: Add the selection you just made to the betslip.
    2.Place bet from betslip: Submit the bet you have created so far.
    3.View betslip: Look at your current betslip to see which teams have been added.
    4.Clear betslip: Remove all selections from your betslip.
  6. When you complete filling your betslip and are ready to submit the bet, select 2.Place bet from betslip
  7. Once you submit your betslip, you will be prompted to enter the amount/stake in Lesotho Loti that you want to place on your bet. Make sure your balance can cover the amount.
  8. You must then select 1.Confirm Bet to submit your bet (You also have the option of cancelling the bet before you confirm it)
  9. Bet confirmation
    You will see a confirmation screen showing the status of the bet, along with the date and time. You will also be presented with the Bet Reference code.

Congratulations! You have placed a USSD bet!


How to check your balance

  1. Select 2.Balance
  2. You will be presented with the funds available on your balance
BET NOW on *130*102#

How to withdraw your winnings

  1. Select 3.Withdraw
  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  3. Enter PIN
  4. Get Confirmation along with your remaining balance

How to deposit funds

  1. Select 4.Deposit for a quick guide on how to deposit
  2. Vodacom MPESA Method 1:
    • Dial *111#
    • Select M-PESA
    • Select Pay Merchant
    • Select Once-Off Payment
    • Enter WSB till number 4647
    • Enter your amount
    • Enter your username as a reference
    • Confirm
    • Receive SMS confirmation
  3. Ecocash:
    • Dial *199#
    • Enter your Ecocash PIN
    • Select Pay Merchant
    • Enter Merchant Code 24458
    • Enter your amount
    • Confirm
    • Receive SMS confirmation
  4. Vodacom MPESA Method 2:
    • Dial *200#
    • Select M-PESA Services
    • Select Pay Merchant and Fees
    • Select Pay Betting
    • Enter WSB till number 4647
    • Enter your amount
    • Enter your username as a reference
    • Confirm
    • Receive SMS confirmation

Click here for more details


View your Bet History

  1. Select 5.History to view your submitted bets
  2. Select 1.Open Bets or 2.Settled Bets
    Open Bets:
    These are bets that are for events that haven’t been completed yet. An Open Bet can have both completed and uncompleted events.
    Settled Bets: These are finished bets that are either tagged as Winners or Losers. Only when all events in a bet are completed will the bet be available in this section.
  3. You will be presented with a list of your latest bets with the option to view each one in detail
BET NOW on *130*102#


  1. Select 6.Help for some basic information about WSB USSD betting.
  2. Select the option to read basic info
    1.How to Bet: Some broad explanations on how to place a bet and what different terms mean.
    2.Betting Info: Some general helpful information on betting with World Star Betting.
    3.Legal Info: Some necessary legal information.
    4.Contact: Details on various ways you can contact us.